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Salim Haddad – CEO

The founder and current CEO of the company, Salim has dedicated his professional life to the betterment of not only Fairmont Sign Company, but also making a positive impact on the lives of those around him. With an extensive background in construction and design, Salim has paved the way in sign design and quality manufacturing for many in the industry, some of which is still used to this day.

“There is no competition for a quality product, delivered on-time, at a fair price. These are the values upon which Fairmont was founded.”

Salem Haddad – Vice President | Operations

Growing up around the sign business, Salem has experience working in all areas of the company. Training under his Grandfather for many years has yielded a great transfer of knowledge to help lead Fairmont Sign Company into the future.

“We are building on our past achievements to create a sustainable company that can thrive for years to come. Growth is a term often used around most companies, but here at Fairmont the term has substantial meaning in the individual growth of our employees. Our people are at the root of our success.”

Alex Haddad – Vice President | Finance

Phil Farhood – General Manager (Detroit)

As a Licensed Master Electrician, Phil began in the industry performing sign installations and service. He would go on to manage over 30 company owned trucks, in 3 states, doing sign service and installation at a Fairmont sister company. For the last two decades, Phil has served as Fairmont Sign Company’s GM, overseeing facility management and much of the Company’s operations. Now, with over 40 years of industry experience under his belt, Phil remains an integral part of Fairmont’s continuous improvement and growth strategy.   

“I have always enjoyed the range and variety of products that Fairmont produces, as no two are identical from customer to customer.”

Outside of work, Phil enjoys spending time with family and collecting and refurbishing a variety of mechanical antiques.

Kurt Stanley – Director of Project Management

Our Director of Project Management, Kurt Stanley, is a Graduate of Central Michigan University with over 25 years of account and project management experience.  His career has included work in both the public and private sectors, highlighting his management of projects in the automotive industry, large corporate sales and marketing organizations as well as residential and commercial construction.  

Kurt has spent the last 6 years with Fairmont Sign Company, “Working with our Customers, the Project Management and Sales Support Team, and our national network of service providers has truly been a highlight of my career.  Every day brings a new adventure and it makes coming to work a true joy.”

In his personal time, Kurt enjoys spending time with his husband and daughter, weekends in northern Michigan at their cottage, woodworking projects and collecting vintage cameras.  He is happiest when sharing food, drink and conversation with both old friends and new, especially around a camp fire or at a table playing cards.

Rob Ortega – General Manager (Lodi)

I have been in the sign industry since 1984 (man I’m old), right out of High School.  I have and still do enjoy creating and being involved in making signs of all types.  It’s a great industry and it’s always satisfying to see the looks on the customers face when that sign lights up.  I have been with Fairmont Sign Company for a total of 16 years and counting, and enjoy working with all the people here, it makes it easy to get up and go to work knowing that everyone here is working towards the same goal in all facets of the business.  Bottom line is if the customer is pleased, then they will spread the word to other business owners in need of a sign(s).

On my days off, I take pleasure in spending time with my family, watching movies and traveling out to the beach and or the mountains for some R&R.  I also like coaching & watching baseball and football, and occasionally a rack of ribs on the BBQ.

Bronson Nair – Senior Operations Manager

For over 14 years, Bronson has worked in a variety of industries, including, automotive, law, manufacturing, hospitality, and labor relations.

“What I enjoy most is seeing passionate people come together to create something that is uniquely well made. That is something I think we have at Fairmont Sign Company. My years at Fairmont Sign Company have been an incredible experience, and we are looking forward the future.”

Outside of work, Bronson enjoys spending time with family, a sunny day in Downtown Detroit, reading, hiking, and traveling.

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